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What is the ear prompter?

The ear prompter is a simple, electronic system that allows you to record your script, play it back through a miniature ear piece and repeat your lines as you hear them.

With proper training and a little practice, it’s easy for anyone to learn!

Dazzle Producers!

If you can use an ear prompter well, you will literally dazzle clients, and you will make many fast friends among producers, who will see you as the "go to" person to make productions go more smoothly and quickly.

-Jeff Wilson

Create Your Niche!

From my experience, being trained as an ear prompter expert means making more money as an actor. Using "the ear" has opened doors for me and has really led me to creating a niche and offering a specialty service within the industry.

-Amy McWhirter

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While learning lines has never been a problem for me, I'd rather spend time on my craft and not worrying about memorizing the exact technical specifications of some gizmo. The ear prompter frees you up to be yourself while talking about some very complex technical ideas.

-Diana Jellinek

Order Now...Just $9.95

Yes I'd really like to receive
"The Complete Ear Prompter Book,"
so count me in!


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